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Archive for August 2017

How an Attorney Can Help You Understand Changing Laws

laws florida

All over the U.S., the law is constantly changing. Even here at home in Melbourne, Florida, things may change that you may not always be aware of. If you are dealing with a lawsuit, either against you or against another party, being up to date on the latest laws and Continue Reading...

Deciding Fault After an Accident

auto accident melbourne fl

Here in Melbourne, Florida, we deal with a law that makes Florida in its entirety a “No Fault” state. This means that each driver is required to carry PIP insurance, but that medical bills and the like are not decided by the fault of the accident. Each respective driver’s insurance Continue Reading...

Finding the Right Lawyer After a Car Accident

attorney car accident melbourne fl

Here in Brevard County, Florida, accidents happen. Life throws curveballs, it’s inevitable. Unfortunately, there are thousands of car accidents annually here and many of those result in the injury and property damage of someone involved. If this happens to you and you are not responsible for the damage, you likely Continue Reading...

Do You Have Enough Insurance for a Major Car Accident?

auto insurance Brevard County FL

In Brevard County, Florida, driving without insurance is against the law, like most places across the U.S. The trouble comes in when you are looking at just how many options there are when purchasing it. Every option sounds great, but is it all really necessary? Do you really need all Continue Reading...

Legalities Behind Texting and Driving

texting and driving increases risk up to 23 times normal rates

We all know that texting and driving is illegal. Melbourne, Florida is under the “Florida Ban on Texting While Driving” law. It is important to understand the ever-changing world of the what is and is not legal in order to keep from committing offenses that may permanently impact your record. Continue Reading...